About The Marquee Group
Experts in the Art of Financial Modeling

We believe that spreadsheet-based financial models are the most important decision-making tools in modern finance.

This is because thousands of global transactions, financings and acquisitions are conducted each day on the basis of spreadsheet-based models that need to deliver clarity and actionable information.

At The Marquee Group, we have developed a framework and discipline for model design, structure and development that leads to best-in-class, user-friendly financial models.

Our services include:

Training: Since 2002, Marquee has trained thousands of professionals globally at financial institutions, corporations, professional organizations and universities. Our core modeling, valuation and Excel courses are standard training at numerous major banks and business schools.

Participants in our courses acquire the skills, insights and confidence to build flexible, accurate and powerful financial models.

Consulting: We provide extensive consulting services to corporate clients. By using our unique approach to modeling, we build and improve existing forecast models and we create custom Excel solutions for clients so that they can make better and more timely financial decisions.

Accreditation: The Marquee Group’s accreditation program allows individuals to demonstrate their financial modeling proficiency through an intensive modeling exam.

Diagnostic testing services are also available to employers who want to assess a candidate’s modeling and Excel skills.

Marquee’s principals are experienced financial practitioners and have investment banking, equity research, business development and management backgrounds. We are passionate about teaching and helping clients build more powerful and efficient financial models.