The Marquee Group’s Financial Modeling Accreditation Program (“FinMAP”) provides students, aspiring financial professionals and established professionals with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their financial modeling skills.

FinMAP assesses a candidate’s financial modeling proficiency through an intensive modeling test within a controlled environment. If successful, candidates will be recognized as having achieved their FinMAP Professional Financial Modeler (“PFM”) status.

As a leading global provider of financial modeling training programs at financial institutions, corporations and business schools since 2002, The Marquee Group is uniquely qualified to assess an individual’s financial modeling skills.


  • Business students looking to enter the work force
  • Finance professionals looking to transition to a different role within capital markets or corporate development (ie. investment banking, equity research, private equity, M&A)
  • Finance professionals looking to bolster their skills and demonstrate competency in financial modeling that may be required for advancement within their organization


  • Demonstrate to employers your mastery of financial modeling skills required to be successful in capital markets and other advanced finance roles
  • Differentiate yourself in the recruiting process by validating your competency in financial modeling.
  • Take advantage of the self-study format to prepare while studying/working full time.
  • Be recognized for earning your FinMAP Professional Financial Modeler status from a world-recognized leader in financial modeling training

Next Steps

Corporate Evaluation Services

For corporate clients looking to validate the modeling skills of candidates, Marquee also offers diagnostic testing services that provide employers with an in-depth, customized and consistent assessment of a candidate’s modeling and Excel skills. Please contact us for more information.