The Financial Modeling Institute (FMI)

The FMI is the first globally-recognized financial modeling accreditation program.

The FMI delivers and administers certifications in financial modeling and seeks to represent the interest of the global financial modeling community.

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Level 1: Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM)

Foundational level of certification program and proficiency in building beginner-to-intermediate financial models.

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Level 2: Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM)

Attainable following successful completion of Level 1, and thorough understanding of real-world applications of financial modeling.

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Level 3: Master Financial Modeler (MFM)

Highest level of accreditation achievable and expert in the financial modeling value chain. This program will commence in the near future.

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Join the elite network of certified financial modelers

Earn certifications that are revered by the industry.

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FMI offers a top-notch, well-run and efficient financial modeling accreditation service. For exam preparation, they offer clear overviews and fantastic review material so that the candidates know exactly what to prepare for. All information is clear, concise, and complete – no details are overlooked. It was a pleasure to have worked through the process with the FMI.

Kevin Vuckovic, AFM Equity Capital Markets Analyst, Canaccord Genuity