The Marquee Group launched the Financial Modeling Accreditation Program (“FinMAP”) in 2015 to provide participants with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their financial modeling proficiency through an intensive modeling exam within a controlled environment. Participants who passed the exam achieved the FinMAP Accredited Financial Modeler (“AFM”) status.

FMI Institute logo

On May 31, 2017, The Marquee Group in partnership with ModelOff, announced the formation of the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI). The FMI is a global institute that delivers and administers certifications in financial modeling. The FMI offers three levels of certification, increasing in difficulty as candidates obtain each subsequent level: Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM); Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM); and Master Financial Modeler (MFM).

Beginning in 2018, all FinMAP AFM holders will automatically be grandfathered into the FMI and hold FMI AFM status. The FMI will work to ensure a smooth transition for all FinMAP graduates.

For more information about the FMI, please see the press release and the FMI website.