Consulting Approach

Marquee’s model consulting process begins where good financial models must begin: understanding the business. Our approach to consulting projects is highly iterative and can involve multiple steps, including:

Needs Identification

  • Discuss with client management and the eventual internal model “owners” the desired uses and needs of the model
  • Assess any current models to determine deficiencies and/or the need for a new model(s)
  • Provide a detailed proposal document outlining expected process, timing and cost of the project before proceeding

Input and Output Due Diligence

  • Q&A with management to determine the optimal inputs and required outputs of the model
  • Understand who will be using the model, how they will be using the model and how often they will be using the model

Model Design

  • Design the optimal structure for the model
  • Create user-friendly input modules and fully automated supporting schedules, financial statements and customized output modules
  • Can also include designing powerful sensitivity functionality and embedding model security / protection
  • Often a scoping document is drafted to ensure all parties agree on the eventual content of the model

Model Development

  • Develop a comprehensive model based on the above steps
  • Marquee interacts closely with client throughout the process to ensure goals are met and required changes are made

Model Testing

  • Test the model to ensure there are no bugs and the model works as expected in all scenarios

Documentation & Training

  • Manuals and/or team training can be provided where necessary to ensure that the model users and their managers have the information, reference materials and best practices to ensure long term use and maintenance of the new models

Ongoing Support

  • Marquee team provides ongoing support for any questions and/or model refinements