Our Philosophy

At Marquee, we believe that a good financial model needs to be a powerful communication tool that can be used to make effective decisions.

Our consulting teams follow a detailed process to ensure the completed model includes the following attributes:

Criteria Benefits
  • Ability to analyze and manage multiple scenarios
  • Integrated financial statements and reporting capabilities
  • Modular design allowing for easy additions and modifications
  • Easy for users to update, calculate and produce reports
  • Report generation should be effortless and consistently legible
  • Model users and report recipients will be able to clearly follow the logic of the model on paper or electronically
  • No hidden calculations or formulas
  • Easy to quickly migrate the model to new employees without significant risk or training time

When a model achieves these criteria, it creates tremendous credibility for the builder and inspires confidence with the reader. It is also much easier for someone to take ownership of a model.

In order to achieve the goal of creating powerful, easily transferable Excel tools, Marquee emphasizes several modeling themes:

  • Thorough planning in the model design phase to ensure the model is easy to use and audit, both electronically and on paper
  • Centralized assumptions section (no inputs in the model engine)
  • Color coding system to differentiate inputs from links/calculations
  • Robust and easy to use scenario analysis for key model drivers
  • Simple formulae
  • Vertical model structure and use of repeating and linking
  • Easily printable
  • Where desired, inclusion of model protection and security features
  • No use of macros (where possible)