Services Offered

Marquee can help clients improve their existing models or develop new, more powerful financial models.

With a team of professionals who have extensive modeling and consulting experience, we offer the following services:

Building forecast models and custom Excel solutions

  • Can be a new forecast model build from scratch or a revamp of an existing model
  • We also create customized Excel solutions to automate a wide range of data issues (eg. inventory tools, pricing tools, compensation tools)
  • Marquee ensures that client goals are met and best-practices are employed to create the best tool possible

Providing advice and/or implementation of model improvements and automation

  • Sub-optimally designed models often require hours to modify and/or update
  • Marquee can provide strategies and resources to improve the information flow in models and make them more efficient tools

Reviewing models to ensure accuracy and integrity

  • We can provide and in-depth review of existing models to ensure calculations and linkages are correct
  • We can also help identify areas in models where there may be a risk of user error

Consulting on valuation issues and mechanics

  • The Marquee team brings a wealth of capital markets, valuation and M&A experience
  • We can help validate and improve the valuation analysis done in models to help clients make more informed decisions