Advanced Operational Modeling (Expansion)


This hands-on advanced modeling course deals with a common issue encountered by finance professionals: how to modify an existing model to dynamically incorporate a new potential operating and/or financing scenario? This session will cover design and flexibility concepts as well as various Excel techniques. Participants will be given an existing model of a company and asked to include an expansion scenario.


This course builds on "Building a Financial Model (of a Company)", so participants may want to complete that course prior to taking the "Advanced Operational Modeling (Expansion)" session.


8 hours

Learning Topics

Design and Structure a Financial Model

  • Design a clear and logical financial model
  • Incorporate an assumptions section that sets out the parameters of the expansion project

Build Powerful Scenarios and Financial Statements

  • Include a switching mechanism to turn the expansion on and off
  • Permit the user to choose the year of expansion and the schedule/timing of Capex and incremental production capacity

Modify all Relevant Schedules

  • Calculate the impact of the expansion on the company
  • Incorporate a new term loan (with mandatory repayments) in the model to finance the project
  • Add an excess cash flow sweep feature to an existing term loan
  • Ensure that the pre-existing debt schedules continue to work properly
  • Properly incorporate the new financing into the financial statements and ensure the balance sheet stays balanced
  • Value the expansion project to determine its impact on the overall value of the company
  • Assess the credit quality of the company taking into account the expansion and related financing
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