Corporate Lending and Credit Underwriting


Learn to Structure, Negotiate and Document a Corporate Credit Opportunity

This course is for credit bankers and will focus on the analysis of a borrower’s business and financial condition to ensure the bank makes the right credit decision. During the training, participants will learn how to: a) assess and structure various financing products; b) create a financing proposal for a client; c) conduct due diligence; d) learn critical criteria for internal risk management; and e) negotiate and document a transaction by understanding the key business issues in a credit agreement. This will be accomplished through coursework focused on a deep understanding of fundamental business and credit analysis, cash flow forecasting, valuation and transaction structuring. The program will include hands-on exercises developed from actual transactions.




3 – 5 days, depending on the amount of material to be covered

Learning Topics

Business and Credit Analysis

  • Utilize a company’s disclosure and knowledge of the client to assess creditworthiness, from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective
  • Assess a company’s debt capacity and consider whether to present a preliminary “marketing” term sheet
  • Review different financing structures
  • Review and discuss the most important items found in a marketing term sheet

Financial Modeling

  • Review a financial model to assist in structuring financial covenants for a marketing term sheet
  • Create sensitivity analysis using a number of powerful Excel tools
  • Incorporate appropriate ratios and performance metrics

Due Diligence and Risk Management

  • Review key items to cover in the due diligence process
  • Learn to identify risks and how to structure a transaction to mitigate them
  • Review of the most important items to include in a submission to risk management for credit approval


Documentation & Negotiation

  • Review of different types of security and what is required for different financing structures
  • Understand what documents are required to take security in a corporate lending transaction
  • Review of key sections of a Credit Agreement
  • Learn how to negotiate changes to an existing Credit Agreement
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