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May 31, 2017, Toronto – Launch of the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI)

Launch of Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) and Certifications

TORONTO, CANADA (May 31, 2017) – The Marquee Group, in partnership with ModelOff, is pleased to announce the formation of the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI). The FMI is a global institute that delivers and administers certifications in financial modeling. The FMI offers three levels of certification, increasing in difficulty as candidates obtain each subsequent level: Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM); Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM); and Master Financial Modeler (MFM).

Building on the success of The Marquee Group’s Financial Modeling Accreditation Program (FinMAP), the creation of the FMI is a reflection of the growing need among candidates and employers for a globally-recognized financial modeling certification program. The Marquee Group, a leading provider of financial modeling training, consulting and accreditation, has partnered with ModelOff, the world’s largest professional competition for financial modeling, to expand FinMAP on a global scale and to form the FMI. The FMI aims to be a thought leader in the financial modeling community and a steward of best practices globally. Its purpose is to represent the financial modeling community with integrity and encourage leadership, collaboration, and innovation amongst members.

Beginning in 2018, all FinMAP AFM holders will automatically be grandfathered into the FMI and hold FMI AFM status. The FMI will work to ensure a smooth transition for all FinMAP graduates.

The Marquee Group’s experience with financial modeling accreditation has allowed the FMI to leverage Marquee’s expertise from its respected FinMAP program, launched in 2015. “We are excited to integrate FinMAP into the FMI and to deliver our certifications to finance professionals globally,” says Ian Schnoor, Principal and Founder of The Marquee Group. “Rolling our FinMAP program into the FMI speaks to its evolution into a global accreditation program. This new phase provides us with a unique opportunity to partner with ModelOff, an organization that shares our vision of transforming the financial modeling community.”

John Persico, Executive Director of ModelOff, sees the financial community continuing to enforce high standards for risk and talent management. “Businesses want to ensure that they continue to mitigate operational and financial risk, while employees want measurable and challenging standards for ongoing skill development,” says Persico. “FMI’s financial modeling certifications bridge the gap between employers and employees in a meaningful way, using the proven approach of FinMAP. Our goal is that the FMI will be a strong platform for partnerships in the financial community, with the hope that those ties will champion financial modeling education and best practices for many years to come.”

FMI Partnership Programs allow academic, industry, and training partners the opportunity to engage with the FMI and support industry professionals through educational seminars, workshops, webinars, technology products, and in-house training. The FMI connects trade associations, universities, private companies, and government agencies to globally-recognized financial modeling experts and training providers.

The FMI exams focus on real-world applications of financial modeling excellence without the prerequisite of industry work experience. Earning each FMI certification is a gateway to becoming a member of a global network of advanced financial modelling, analysis, and Microsoft Excel leaders who have demonstrated mastery of real-world and applied financial modeling. Certification is ideal for all finance, accounting, investment, insurance, and business professionals.

The first sitting for the Level 1 (Advanced Financial Modeler) exam will be held on Saturday October 21st, 2017 in 20 cities worldwide.

Ian Schnoor

Executive Director
Financial Modeling Institute (FMI)

John R Persico
Executive Director
Financial Modeling Institute (FMI)

About The Marquee Group
The Marquee Group is the leading provider of financial modeling training, consulting and accreditation in Canada. The firm believes that spreadsheet-based financial models are the most important decision-making tools in modern finance. By using a unique modeling framework, The Marquee Group helps finance professionals turn their models into powerful communication tools that lead to better, more effective decisions.

About ModelOff
ModelOff is the world’s largest professional competition for Microsoft Excel, Financial Analysis, Investment Analysis and Financial Modelling. The annual international competition attracts thousands of leading professionals and students from more than 100 countries. ModelOff celebrates analytical skills and financial services excellence.

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