Our Team


Amagoia is the Logistics Manager at Marquee.

Before joining The Marquee Group, Amagoia studied, trained and worked as a scientist in the field of Biochemical Research as well as Scientific Information Management. She has worked as a Senior Information Scientist for Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Prior to emigrating to Canada, she worked as a researcher for several biotechnology companies and research institutions in the United Kingdom, including The John Innes Center in Norwich and The Natural History Museum in London.

A native of Spain, Amagoia is fluent in Spanish and English, and completed her Bachelor of Biological Sciences degree at La Universidad del País Vasco. After moving to the United Kingdom. she received an Master of Philosophy degree in Biochemistry from Cambridge University, a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from Manchester University and an Master of Arts degree in Information Services Management from the University of North London.