Editing Formulas in Excel with the F2 Key

Formulas in Excel frequently need to be checked and modified. To modify an existing formula, first move to the cell in question. To “re-enter” the formula, there are a number of options:

  1. Click with the mouse on the formula bar above the column headings (where it says fx). If the formula bar does not appear, go to the View menu and select Formula Bar in the Show section (Excel 2007 and later).
  2. Depending on your Excel settings, you may be able to double-click on the cell in question to enter editing mode.
  3. The most efficient way to edit a cell is to hit the F2 key when on the cell. This keeps our hands on the keyboard. You can now move left and right inside the formula using the and symbols. However, if you want to move outside the cell again to modify cell references, hit the F2 again.