Marquee Webinar Tips (Zoom)

Welcome to the Marquee Webinar!

Thank you for joining us for your upcoming Marquee Webinar. This note explains the following:

  • Pre-Webinar: What you will receive in advance of the webinar;
  • Initial Sign In: What to expect when you first log in; and
  • In-Webinar: Best practices to make the most of your session.


This information is part of a link that is included in the first email you will receive from us. The email contains confirmation of dates, your instructor’s name, and a link to download course materials ahead of the webinar. The course link will also have the course evaluation to be completed following the webinar.

Next, you will receive a webinar calendar invite that includes the Zoom link. On the day of the course, please join us 15- 20 minutes in advance of the start time to ensure you troubleshoot any Zoom connectivity issues. Please ensure you have the most recent version of Zoom installed by following the instructions here.


Initial Sign In

Our class will meet using Zoom Meetings, an online conference system. For everyone’s benefit, please join the course in a quiet place. Click the link on the calendar invite that was sent to you and either install the file for full featured access or use the web version without installing any software. Your webcam and microphone (if you have one) will be enabled. You will be placed in a “waiting room” until the instructor begins the course and allows you to join.

For audio, you may also choose to connect with a telephone number provided in the calendar invite (phone charges under your phone plan will apply; choose the toll-free number if you are concerned). This will connect you by phone to the course without using computer audio. Feel free to choose this if your laptop connection is unstable.

We recommend closing other browser tabs and programs to declutter your desktop. Depending on the size of your computer screen, you may wish to use a second computer monitor or connect to the webinar by tablet and use your computer for the exercises. This is not essential but some participants find it easier to work on the material if they have two screens. However, one screen will work fine. Many people have access to a computer which has two monitors which is recommended for these training sessions. If your computer does not have two monitors, then you could log in using two devices instead. For instance, you may login with your laptop and also with a tablet.

We recommend that you do not run Zoom in “Full Screen” mode since certain menus and fields are not visible in that mode. Double click on the screen if you think you are in Full Screen and it should revert to normal.


To control your sound and video, click on the icons at the bottom left of the screen. If you want to speak you can unmute your computer. When you are finished speaking, please remember to mute yourself to minimize background noise for all the participants. If you can’t see the menu, move your mouse to the bottom of the screen. If your Windows taskbar covers over it, just hit your Windows button twice to make the taskbar disappear.


There are two key panels that you should make visible: Participants and Chat.  In this example, Chantal is a student in Dave’s class:








Your student interface will look similar to Chantal’s:


Chat Sidebar – You can find this in your bottom menu bar by clicking “More”. The chat sidebar will allow you to ask questions viewed by the entire webinar for the instructor. You may also receive private messages from the instructor as well. Please note that the sidebar will disappear if you are viewing in full screen. The instructor or co-host will remind you to escape full screen to view the chat screen when necessary. The instructor will send assignments and answer keys in the chat panel throughout the day.

The chat bar keeps a history of all questions/postings. The instructor will give clear instructions to download files in that window. 

Also, you can send a private message to our “co-host” if you have any questions or issues during the session by selecting their name from the “to” field in the chat window. Please note that while in a breakout room you won’t have chat access to the broader webinar.








Participants Sidebar – This panel shows the participants in the webinar. You can click over your name and do three things:

  1. You can select “More” and change the name that appears in the participants list. We recommend you put your first and last name and the name of the device that you are using (Mac/PC/Tablet/iPhone) so we can manage the session more easily.
  2. You can mute/unmute your audio
  3. You can turn off/on your web camera image of yourself




You will also have the ability to “raise your hand” on the chat panel to let the instructor know that you would like to ask a question or make a comment. The instructor will be pausing regularly to check for questions so we ask that you remain patient for the instructor to reach out to you to speak. This will make sure that the webinar remains easy to follow and free of stray conversations during our session.


You will have your own virtual breakout room during the webinar to speak directly with the instructor. You will receive a message to set up your breakout room from the instructor or the co-host at the beginning of the course. The breakout room allows you to show your screen to the instructor in private and to even allow you to give the instructor remote control of your computer if you need hands-on support. But don’t worry – you must grant permission for remote control and you can stop it any time. You will always be in charge of your own computer.


The last thing that you may encounter (depending on the course) will be class polling during the session. The instructor may poll the group to help customize your experience and understand participant questions and progress with the material. You will see these pop up from time to time; simply click your response and submit.


Final Thoughts

For many of you, the webinar format will be new and it will be a different experience from the traditional classroom. We at Marquee are dedicated to making sure that your educational experience is a positive one and that you have the same great Marquee experience. We look forward to meeting you “virtually” and welcome all your feedback after the session to help us continue to deliver top-notch training.