Excel Horror Stories

The European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group, founded in 1999 as a collaboration between spreadsheet researchers at the University of Greenwich, the University of Wales Institute Cardiff and HM Customs & Excise, has a wide ranging resource website with a list of “excel horror stories”. There are many reports of spreadsheet related errors and they seem to appear in the global media at a fairly consistent rate.

These stories illustrate common problems that occur with the uncontrolled use of spreadsheets. In many cases, they identify the area of risk involved and then say how they think the problem might have been avoided.

Marquee Perspective – Proper model construction and maintenance are a critical component of Marquee’s course objectives and best practices training. It is always good to be reminded of the dangers of bad model design and execution. There are many examples that are both illustrative and humbling. The website also includes academic studies on spreadsheet errors, model auditing and modeling best practices – many of which are good but some of which we would disagree with. If you have taken our courses, see if you can tell which ones we like!

Click here for a link to the EuSpRIG website.