The Quagmire Challenge

We love the feedback that we receive on our newsletter. Many of you have sent us great questions and ideas. Those ideas inspired us to introduce something new and fun in our newsletter – The Quagmire – a challenging Excel problem that you can try to solve.


The Quagmire Winners’ Circle

Congratulations to our winners who have outsmarted The Quagmire to join the Winner’s Circle. Think you’ve got what it takes to complete The Quagmire Challenge? Subscribe to our newsletter and watch for your chance to play!

2018 Winners

Ali Zamani
Andrejs Grigolunovics
Diarmuid Early
Jackson Liu
Joshua Kofman

2017 Winners

Jackson Liu
Jay Shopsowitz

Frank van Biesen
Justin Leung
Stephanie Lau

Dan Mayoh
Jay Shopsowitz
Mark Dalton

Andy Chongwu Guo
Pratik Salgia
Shahid Manzoor

Athena Wu
Darcy Hall
Shahid Manzoor