Toronto Life – Six Tips to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Toronto, Ontario.

“Professionals at every stage of their career need to be looking ahead.”

“No industry is future-proof, and as industries and environments change, it’s important to remember the importance of investing in yourself.”

For most professionals, advice like this is preaching to the choir.

More often than not, we know we need to invest in ourselves. It’s the reality of the 21st century. For most of us the desire for self-improvement is not the issue.

No. The question most professionals struggle with is, “Where do I even start?”

On March 13th, 2020 Toronto Life published an article in partnership with Marquee titled “Six Tips to Take Your Career to the Next Level.”

One of the tips (TIP 2) was to “Invest in Technical Training” such as a course with Marquee, but the article shared 5 other tips that we feel that ALL of our Marquee participants will value:

1) Scope out a mentor
2) Get over your fear of networking
3) Crunch the numbers
4) Ask for feedback
5) Follow your gut

It’s a good reminder that when we want to invest in our careers, there are lots of great ways to take the next step.

You can read the full article here: