The Marquee Group Has been Featured on Toronto Life: A Q&A with Gary Hinds, Associate Director of the Master of Finance Program at Queen’s University

Toronto, Ontario

This past week Gary Hinds, Associate Director at Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, shared his insights on upcoming innovations in the finance industry; his thoughts on the next hot topic in finance; and, Queen’s MFIN’s long standing relationship with the Marquee Group.

During the interview he shared his history as the Associate Director and his involvement in recruitment at Queen’s.

He spoke to how Financial modeling skills are essential for anyone who wants to work in accounting, investment banking, or corporate finance; and, specifically he mentioned how the courses that Marquee offers give candidates a huge advantage when they are entering the workforce.

“The technical skills that The Marquee Group teaches are essential to a huge range of disciplines from investment banking to equity research, and the ability to build good financial models helps businesses analyze their data so that they can make the best decisions going forward.”

Wow! What a review!

We want to say thank you to Gary for his kind words. Having an industry leader like him recognize not only the importance of financial modeling training but also to speak so highly of our own courses is truly an honour.

He even spoke to how he plans to take one of our courses in the near future. (We’ll gladly save you a spot Gary!)

If you want to read the full article you can read it here.


About Gary Hinds
Gary Hinds is the Associate Director at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. He can often be found on the road speaking with prospective students, and hosting webinars and info sessions for the MFIN Program.

About the Queens Master of Finance program
The Queen’s Master of Finance is a 12-month program designed to provide a deeper and broader understanding of finance. Example course from the program include: Financial Analysis and Corporate Finance, Equity Markets and Analysis, Fixed Income Instruments and Markets, Advanced Financial Modelling, Quantitative Analysis and Economics, Advanced Portfolio Management, Derivatives, Investment Banking, and Alternative Investments 

About the Toronto Life
Toronto Life is a monthly Toronto magazine that covers entertainment, politics and life in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They have a circulation of 87,929 and a readership of 890,000. The magazine is a major winner of many Canadian publication awards, and is well known as one of Toronto’s premier publications.

About The Marquee Group
The Marquee Group is the leading provider of financial modeling training, consulting and accreditation in Canada. The firm believes that spreadsheet-based financial models are the most important decision-making tools in modern finance. By using a unique modeling framework, The Marquee Group helps finance professionals turn their models into powerful communication tools that lead to better, more effective decisions.