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Technical Training Seminars

  1. Financial Modeling: Building a Financial Model
    Participants will learn to create well-designed, functional and dynamic financial models. This course focuses on the skills required to design and create an interactive financial model of a company that adheres to the highest industry standards.
  2. Advanced Data Analysis with Excel
    Every business professional needs strong technical Excel skills to thrive in a corporate environment. This course is dedicated to various intermediate and advanced Excel tools to transform the participants into Excel “Power Users”.
  3. DCF Valuation Analysis
    This hands-on course is focused on the practical implementation of a Discounted Cash Flow ("DCF") analysis. The skills required to build a DCF analysis will be discussed and incorporated into a financial model. Participants will learn to recognize and avoid the most common errors that professionals make when creating a DCF analysis.
  4. Capital Structure (LBO) Modeling
    This hands-on course focuses on the skills required to build and incorporate a complex capital structure into a financial model. Participants will recapitalize a company’s balance sheet and then forecast specific pieces of debt and equity so that the model can be used for credit purposes or as a Leveraged Buyout (“LBO”) model.
  5. Merger Modeling
    This hands-on course focuses on the skills required to design and create a powerful model to analyze the impact of a merger or acquisition. The course will be taught from the perspective of finance professionals who need to quickly assess the impact of a merger between publicly traded companies.
  6. VBA
    This hands-on course focuses on the skills needed to harness the power of macros to help automate worksheet processes. Participants will learn to design, build and error check macros that are robust and easy to use.
  7. Power BI
    This course provides an introduction on how to refine, analyze and visualize data with Power BI Desktop. Participants will be able to explore the company’s data by cross-filtering and drilling down through various levels in the exhibits. This course is designed as an introduction to Microsoft Power BI Desktop which is free to download and install.
  8. Python
    This course takes a hands on approach to rapidly gain the skills needed to develop Python programs to solve typical Finance problems, cutting through the noise of generic “Data Science” courses. Participants will be introduced to best practices programming in Python to clean, analyze and visualize Financial Data.
  9. The Power of PowerPoint
    This hands-on course is an intensive program that teaches participants PowerPoint’s most important and lesser-known features. The course is ideal for those already familiar with PowerPoint who want to make the most of its features. The session is focused on using shortcuts and tools to create more impactful presentations in less time.

I attended a Marquee interview prep session in 2009/2010 at Smith School of Business and can honestly say since that session, your business and your materials have been crucial in helping me achieve my career goals over the years.

Geoff Taylor Principal, Garibaldi Capital Advisors

Finance Interview Preparation

  1. Finance Interview Preparation
    Interview Preparation seminars are designed to help students prepare for finance interviews. Students will typically encounter three types of questions: (i) fit questions, (ii) market questions, and (iii) technical finance questions. These sessions are focused on the most common technical finance questions that students should be prepared to answer during corporate finance interviews.
  2. Capital Markets Overview
    This comprehensive course provides participants with an overview of an integrated Capital Markets business. The goals of this session are to: (i) introduce the activities and inter-relationships between the major departments of the business and (ii) highlight the attributes and skill sets associated with professionals in each group.
  3. Mock Finance Interviews
    Mock interviews are designed to push students and assess their level of technical expertise. This provides feedback to the student (and the career centre) on how prepared an individual is for interviews and identifies areas for improvement.
  4. Finance Interview Polish
    Marquee can provide one-on-one sessions to allow students to ask last minute questions and build confidence prior to interviews. After doing extensive preparation, students often have outstanding issues they want to discuss and clarify in advance of their interviews.
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