VBA & Macros in Excel

Macros are often used to automate complex, repetitive, customized actions within Excel. While a well-designed spreadsheet typically does not require macro automation, there are numerous instances where macros are effectively used to reduce time spent on Excel processes.

The challenge with Macros is that unless they are carefully constructed, models with macros often lose flexibility, transferability and are prone to errors when given to new model owners.

Our VBA course focuses on obtaining a core understanding of Visual Basics for Applications and learning the key building blocks that users need to create simple and complex macros for their Excel workbooks.

Participants in our course will not only be able to save hours by implementing custom-made macros, but also produce code that is intuitive and transferable within their teams.

As is the case for all Marquee Group courses, our VBA course adheres to our focus on hands-on work sessions throughout the training.

Course Offerings: