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The Marquee Group joined Training The Street in 2023.

We have expanded our product offering by combining our content libraries with Training The Street. You can find training solutions for corporate, Public Courses, and self-study all in one place.

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Since 2002, Marquee has trained thousands of professionals globally at financial institutions, corporations, professional organizations and universities.

Our core modeling, valuation, Excel, and data sciences courses are standard training at numerous major banks and business schools.

Our participants acquire the skills, insights and confidence to build flexible, accurate and powerful financial models.

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Modeling Solutions

Whether you are looking to improve an existing model or build a custom Excel solution, we transform models into simplified, powerful communication and decision-making tools for managers and executives.

By using our unique approach to modeling, we build and improve existing forecast models and we create custom Excel solutions for clients so that they can make better and more timely financial decisions.

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The Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) provides internationally recognized credentials for financial modeling skills.

Marquee was one of the founding organizations behind the FMI. The FMI offers three levels of certification, gradually increasing in difficulty as candidates obtain each subsequent level: Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM); Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM); and Master Financial Modeler (MFM).

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*The Marquee Group has joined Training The Street

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