Founder’s Message from The Marquee Group

FoundersMessageIanSchnoorFinancial Modeling is a Discipline

Have you ever worked with a spreadsheet model that was tough to understand, tough to navigate or tough to modify?

Unfortunately, this is a common problem because many financial models don’t work very well. Models are often clunky, unintuitive, inflexible and riddled with errors.

We believe that a good financial model needs to be more than just a giant spreadsheet or a set of financial statements. Much more. In fact, a good model needs to be a powerful communication tool – a financial presentation that can be used to convey information about a company or a project and to help make decisions. A powerful model provides tremendous insight about the inner workings of a business, but it has to be built the right way in order to achieve this.

A good model needs to be intuitive, flexible, transferable and dynamic. It needs to be well-designed and well laid out. A good model creates credibility for the builder and inspires confidence amongst colleagues and clients.

Whether we are running a training program, providing consulting services or helping people prepare for our rigorous accreditation exam, we bring the discipline of financial modeling to the table.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help.