Financial Training for Lawyers


We have developed several modules to help lawyers better understand what their corporate clients and the investment bankers are doing when working on M&A deals or financing transactions. The content has been designed to review the financial levers that drive transactions so lawyers can be better advisers and add more value to their clients. These topics can be combined in any fashion to provide a coherent and thorough program covering the financial tools and analysis used by investment banking and corporate clients.




8 - 16 hours, depending on the amount of material to be covered

Learning Topics

Accounting for Legal Professionals

  • Review of Accounting Principles and how they apply to financial statements and M&A accounting
  • Understand the links between each of the financial statements

Financial Modeling for Lawyers

  • Help legal practitioners understand the design and layout of a financial model
  • Discuss the intended audience and use of a model within an investment bank and in a transaction process

Understanding Valuation Techniques

  • Discuss various valuation methodologies and the appropriateness of using a discounted cash flow methodology to value a business
  • Discuss the significance of trading and transaction multiples and the need for qualitative judgment in applying relative valuation
  • Discuss the concepts of Enterprise Value and Equity Value

M&A Financial Analysis

  • Discuss the rational for merger models
  • Understand accretion and dilution concepts
  • Understand how synergies drive M&A valuation

Lending, Pricing & Covenants

  • Analyze the key drivers of credit quality and the relationships between credit quality and pricing
  • Discuss the types of covenants that are included in debt agreements

Initial Public Offerings

  • Discuss the client rationale for an Initial Public Offering
  • Assess the market conditions and offering appeal
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