Financial Modeling

The Marquee Group was founded to teach the skills required to design and create an interactive financial model that adheres to the highest industry standards.

During our modeling courses, we teach participants to develop a strong plan and to ask the right questions to properly understand the company. We focus on model design, construction and accounting so that the model can be presented as a communication tool.

A flexible, dynamic and intuitive model builds credibility and creates confidence.

General Financial Modeling

Specialized Industry Modeling

Infrastructure Modeling

Data Science & Analytics

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms.

Our courses focus on providing a core understanding of methods used in building such data-driven models and acquire hands-on experience with analytics tools that are widely used in practice.

Participants in our course will not only be able to save hours by implementing custom-made solutions, but also produce code that is intuitive and transferable within their teams.

As is the case for all Marquee Group courses, our courses adhere to our focus on hands-on work sessions throughout the training.

Advanced Excel

Business professionals are inundated with data. More so than ever, people are overwhelmed with the amount of data available.

Our Excel courses are focused on data analysis. We focus on the most critical Excel skills that business professionals require in order to analyze, manage and automate their data.

Participants in our courses go back to their desks and save hours from implementing the tools and skills that were taught during our courses.

These sessions are interactive with hands-on work sessions throughout the seminars.


One of the most common reasons for building a financial model is to forecast earnings or cash flows which can then be used to value a company or a project.

Our courses discuss valuation theory but the focus is on implementation. We bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industry practice. We review the most common errors that people make when doing valuation work and discuss the critical technical (or Excel) skills needed to incorporate the valuation ideas into a spreadsheet.

These courses are invaluable for anyone who is preparing a valuation or who is going to check and audit models.

Credit Analysis

Credit professionals need to analyze a potential borrower’s business and financial condition to ensure the bank makes the right credit decision.

Marquee has developed a series of seminars that provide a deep understanding of fundamental business and credit analysis, cash flow forecasting, valuation and transaction structuring.

The programs will include hands-on exercises developed from actual transactions.


Accounting is the language of business and anyone working in a business environment should have a solid grasp of accounting concepts and financial statements. We have encountered a number of business professionals (i.e., engineers, marketing, human resources, etc.) who have not had the opportunity to take accounting courses and find it challenging to review, audit or interpret financial statements or budgets related to their department or project.

These accounting courses do not focus on traditional accounting topics (i.e., such as T-Accounts and debits/credits) but are designed to help business professionals who need to use the financial statements.

Depending on the level of knowledge of the participants in the seminar, we are able to provide an introduction to financial statements or push into advanced accounting concepts that will challenge people with an accounting background.

Capital Markets

Practical financial training is the core mission at Marquee. We have developed several course offerings to help people better understand what the investment bankers and corporate finance professionals are doing when they are working on financing transactions or M&A deals.

The content has been designed to review the financial levers that drive transactions. This will help people ask the right questions when dealing with financial professionals and become better advisers to their clients.

These sessions differ from our traditional course offerings because the emphasis is on discussing the ideas/concepts rather than using hands-on assignments.

Mining & Energy

The Marquee Group has a portfolio of detailed mining and energy modeling courses covering the natural resources sector.

These courses are case-based and use specific examples of industry projects and companies. Our approach to training is very interactive as participants build a model using a best-in-class template that we provide.

Our models are intuitive, flexible and completely dynamic. They also serve as a corporate communications tool by building credibility and creating confidence.

Mining Modeling

Energy Modeling


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