Python 1: Core Data Analysis


During this hands-on course, participants will gain the skills needed to develop Python programs to solve typical Finance problems, cutting through the noise of generic “Data Science” courses. Participants will be introduced to best-practices programming in Python to clean, analyze, and visualize financial data.


A general understanding of programming principles is recommended but not required. Participants should also understand finance concepts but in-depth analytical understanding is not necessary. Participants are expected to download & install Anaconda or an equivalent Python distribution in advance of the course.


8 hours

Learning Topics

Using Python

  • Developing familiarity with the Anaconda Python Distribution
  • Managing environments and Installing packages
  • Gain familiarity with open source Python Development
  • Learn how to write programs in Python and developing an understanding for data structures, functions, loops, logical operations and other programming best practices

Data Collection, Cleaning, Manipulation and Visualization

  • Import data from various sources (CSV, JSON, Excel) into pandas (a high-performance library of data structures)
  • Develop the necessary skills to clean raw financial data, and gain familiarity in overcoming common issues with numerical data
  • Merge data from various sources and leverage builtin functionality to gain efficiency
  • Build programs to perform exploratory data analysis using basic statistical functions
  • Develop the ability to create powerful visualizations using the pandas plotting functions
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