Mid-Market Lending 3 – Progressing the Credit


This course focuses on the key skills required by a Vice President as compared to an Associate. Participants will learn how to: a) deal with challenging negotiation issues; b) understand the sales side of a Vice President role and other products provided by the bank; c) be aware of syndication requirements and process; and d) manage deteriorating credit situations. Participants will use coursework developed from actual transactions including business and credit analysis, cash flow forecasting and transaction structuring


Participants should have 5 - 10 years of lending experience or have completed "Mid-Market Lending 1" & "Mid-Market Lending 2", prior to taking this course.


24 hours

Learning Topics

Structure and Negotiation

  • Review of structuring options
  • Review of financial covenants
  • Various funding sources in capital structure
  • Industry characteristics and typical covenants for different industries
  • Negotiations with the client and risk

Other Bank Products

  • Discuss transactional risk products
  • Review trading products
  • Review products provided by the bank (i.e. equity, public bonds, private bonds, high yield debt)

Lead a Deal

  • Review differences between bilateral and syndicated deals
  • Discuss the impact of syndication on a credit agreement
  • Create a takeaway checklist for closing procedures in a syndication where the bank is lead
  • Discuss responsibilities of lead/agent bank
  • Best practices when negotiating with other lenders

Manage a Deteriorating Credit Situations

  • Deal with challenging asks
  • React to liquidity crises
  • Review of what went wrong with deals or clients in special loans
  • Discuss key requirements for successful rehabilitation in various scenarios
  • Review impact of insolvency on a syndicated deal
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