Building an FP&A Model


This hands-on course focuses on the skills required to design and create an interactive Financial Planning & Analysis (“FP&A”) model of a cloud communications company that adheres to the highest industry standards.

The course material includes model design, logic, construction, financial concepts and accounting treatment. During the seminar, participants will build a model that includes forecasts of a detailed monthly revenue build up by contract, FTE level costing and other division level costing components. The model will also include integrated financial statements.


Participants should have a solid grasp of basic accounting fundamentals and proficiency with Excel prior to taking this course.


8 - 12 hours

Learning Topics

Design and Structure a Financial Model

  • Design a clear and logical financial model
  • Discuss the need for a model to serve as a marketing tool
  • Create clearly defined inputs and assumptions
  • Connect strings of data to create assumptions and footnotes

Build Powerful Scenarios and Financial Statements

  • Use switches to create effective scenarios and value drivers
  • Forecast and build-up a company’s revenues and expenses from detailed monthly estimates and projections
  • Design and incorporate a company’s income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement

Incorporate all Relevant Schedules

  • Construct all necessary schedules
  • Use Lookup functions within the model to effectively extract information
  • Build and manage complex formulas for multi-period contract payments that contain price escalators
  • Properly incorporate Senior Term Debt with an amortizing repayment schedule
  • Create a robust Bank Operating Line (of Revolving Credit Facility)
  • Design and incorporate a cash sweep for a company’s Bank Operating Line
  • Balance the company’s balance sheet
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