Capital Markets Overview


This comprehensive course provides participants with an overview of integrated Capital Markets business. The goals of this session are to introduce the activities and interrelationships between the major departments of the business and to highlight the attributes and skill sets associated with professionals in each group. This course provides an interactive review of a Capital Markets business through the use of a case study. The case will demonstrate how a Capital Markets business services a large corporate client throughout its corporate lifecycle.




8 hours

Learning Topics

Overview of an Integrated Capital Markets (“CM”) Business

  • Describe a CM business within the context of a bank
  • Discuss the fundamental activities of a CM business in serving clients and originating and distributing capital
  • Introduce the client coverage model and how it facilitates product, industry, and geographic specialization
  • Review key success factors, including information, people, and capital

Understand the Various Groups within a CM Business

  • Review the major CM departments (Investment and Corporate Banking, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets, Research, Sales & Trading, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Derivatives)
  • For each group, participants will learn:
    • Core activities and inter-relationships between departments
    • Key business drivers and measures of success
    • Method of profit contribution and position in the client coverage value-chain
    • Valuation activities and methodologies employed
    • Common terminology and references
    • Attributes, typical work activities, and career paths of successful team members

Case Study

  • Participants will spend the day working through a case study where a CM business services a large corporate client throughout its corporate lifecycle, including:
    • Initial public offering
    • Initiation of research coverage
    • Trading in the public market
    • Acquisition of a target company
    • Raising debt financing for a new project
    • Hedging operational and economic risks
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