Capital Markets Overview


Understand the activities, departments, and business model of an integrated Capital Markets business

This comprehensive full-day course provides participants with an overview of an integrated Capital Markets business. The goals of this session are twofold: (i) to introduce the activities and inter-relationships between the major departments of the business; and (ii) to highlight the attributes and skill sets associated with professionals in each group. This course provides an interactive review of a Capital Markets business through the use of a case study. The case will demonstrate how a Capital Markets business services a large corporate client throughout its corporate lifecycle.




1 day

Learning Topics

Overview of an Integrated Capital Markets Business

  • Provide an overview of an integrated Capital Markets (CM) business, focusing on client-facing and profit-generating activities
  • Describe a CM business within the context of a larger bank
  • Discuss the fundamental activities of a CM business in serving clients and originating and distributing capital
  • Introduce the client coverage model and how it facilitates product, industry, and geographic specialization
  • Review key success factors, including information, people, and capital

Understand the Various Groups within a CM Business

  • Review the major CM departments, including Investment and Corporate Banking, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets, Research, Sales & Trading, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Derivatives
  • For each group, participants will learn:
    • Core activities and inter-relationships between departments
    • Key business drivers and measures of success
    • Method of profit contribution and position in the client coverage value-chain
    • Valuation activities and methodologies employed
    • Common terminology and references
    • Attributes, typical work activities, and career paths of successful team members

Case Study

  • Participants will spend the day working through a case study where a CM business services a large corporate client throughout its corporate lifecycle, including:
    • Initial public offering
    • Initiation of research coverage
    • Trading in the public market
    • Acquisition of a target company
    • Raising debt financing for a new project
    • Hedging operational and economic risks
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