Retail Store Development Project Modeling


Many professionals build models to assess the impact and feasibility of undertaking new projects. This course focuses on the skills required to design and create an interactive financial model to help decide whether a retail store should open or develop a new location. The course material includes model design, logic, construction, financial concepts and accounting treatment. Various intermediate Excel tools along with helpful keyboard shortcuts will also be covered throughout the day.


Participants should have a basic working knowledge of Excel and the retail sector prior to taking this course.


8 hours

Learning Topics

Design and Structure a Financial Model

  • Design a clear and logical financial model
  • Discuss the need for a model to serve as a marketing tool
  • Create clearly defined inputs and assumptions sections
  • Connect strings of data to create assumptions and footnotes

Build Scenarios and Financial Forecasts

  • Use switches to create effective scenarios and value drivers
  • Forecast and build-up the project’s revenues and expenses
  • Develop a cash flow projection for the project
  • Incorporate financial and arithmetic functions
  • Use logical functions to create complex formulas
  • Incorporate flexibility to analyze various types of various ownership and financing structures

Evaluate the Project

  • Discuss various methodologies for evaluating a project
  • Incorporate a schedule to evaluate the project’s returns
  • Build a strong summary page to display the results
  • Use various tools to sensitize the project’s returns
  • Conditionally format output tables to highlight specified results
  • Set up print ranges to optimize the appearance of printed output
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