Finance Interview Preparation


The Marquee Group offers interview preparation seminars to help participants prepare for finance interviews. Most finance interviewers ask three types of questions:

1. Fit Questions
2. Market Questions
3. Technical Finance Questions

The sessions are focused on the most common technical finance questions that students should be prepared to answer during corporate finance interviews (e.g., for investment banking, equity research, private equity or corporate finance roles).




8 hours

Learning Topics


  • Overview of the characteristics that recruiters look for in candidates applying for finance related roles

Corporate Finance and Valuation

  • Discuss the concepts of equity value and enterprise value
  • Learn to apply comparable trading and precedent transaction analysis
  • Review Discounted Cash Flow (“DCF”) analysis and common DCF errors
  • Discuss financing alternatives available to corporations and their advantages/disadvantages
  • Understand how to calculate the weighted average cost of capital
  • Review the impact of income tax considerations on valuation

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Learn to apply valuation techniques (including precedent transactions)
  • Identify and value synergies
  • Understand accretion/dilution concepts and common misconceptions
  • Interpret market reaction to M&A announcements
  • Review Leveraged Buyout (“LBO”) analysis
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