Going Public: The IPO Process


Understand the legal requirements, marketing elements and transactional process for an Initial Public Offering

This comprehensive course focuses on the legal requirements, marketing elements and transactional process for the initial public offering of a company’s common shares. The course material includes a detailed overview of the legal and listing requirements, development of marketing materials and transaction structure considerations. During the seminar, participants will analyze a detailed case study and discuss the practical implications of transaction structure and marketing. Participants should have a high level of familiarity with the capital markets prior to taking the course.




1 day

Learning Topics

Review the Initial Public Offering Process

  • Discuss the rationale for an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”)
  • Assess the market conditions
  • Review the legal framework and filing requirements
  • Understand the timeline and schedule of an offering process
  • Review the listing requirements and considerations

Analyze a Detailed Case Study

  • Discuss a real world transaction
  • Assess the impact of critical transaction features
  • Conduct a review of filed documents

Discuss the Implications of Transaction Structure and Marketing Choices

  • Review of all major transaction features, including:
    • Over-allotment option
    • Black Out and Lock Up arrangements
    • Syndicate selection and economics
    • Underwriting Agreement and critical clauses
  • Discuss the role of due diligence
  • Learn how to identify prospective buyers and conduct marketing best practices
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