The Power of PowerPoint


This hands-on course is an intensive program that teaches participants PowerPoint’s most important and lesser-known features. The course is ideal for those already familiar with PowerPoint who want to make the most of its features. The session is focused on using shortcuts and tools to create more impactful presentations in less time. Assignments, handouts and examples will be used throughout the day.


Participants should be familiar with the fundamentals of PowerPoint prior to taking this course.


4 - 8 hours, depending on the amount of material to be covered

Learning Topics

Slide Setup

  • Leverage the Slide Master as a “blueprint” to format presentation text, bullets, colours, footers, and spacing
  • Add new custom slide layouts
  • Control Paragraph Settings to format line spacing, indentation, and alignment
  • Create a slide presentation “legend” with Background Graphics


  • Organize a presentation into sections for easy viewing and slide management
  • Use the ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar (“QAT”) to easily access keyboard shortcuts


  • Draw shapes quickly and efficiently using the Drawing and Merging shapes tools
  • Group objects with the Grouping tool and organize objects using the Selection Pane
  • Align slide objects using the Align tool


  • Format text using keyboard shortcuts
  • Manage and manipulate images and photos using PowerPoint’s native photo editor

Importing Excel Data

  • Learn to optimally embed Excel charts and data into presentation files


  • Insert comments and compare file revisions
  • Remove sensitive file data with the Document Inspector


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