Power BI Desktop


This course provides an introduction on how to refine, analyze and visualize data with Power BI Desktop. A rich corporate data set is used to build a professional quality interactive dashboard. The relationships between various data sources are defined to create a relational data model. This model forms the foundation for an interactive dashboard with a variety of exhibits. Participants will be able to explore the company’s data by cross-filtering and drilling down through various levels in the exhibits. This course is designed as an introduction to Microsoft Power BI Desktop which is free to download and install.

Note: This software is currently only available for PC / Windows


Participants should have a basic working knowledge of Excel and are expected to download & install Power BI Desktop in advance of the course.


8 hours

Learning Topics

Connecting & Refining Data

  • Overview of Power BI interface and workflow
  • Review some common types of data connections
  • Discuss best practices for editing queries
  • Settings for defining data categories
  • Demonstration of basic table transformations
  • Tools used to manipulate text, numbers and dates
  • Creating index and conditional columns

Building a Relational Data Model

  • Review of best practices for data modeling
  • Common guidelines for database normalization
  • Discussion of lookup tables and data tables
  • Understanding primary keys and foreign keys
  • Creating, defining and editing table relationships
  • Review of star schemas and snowflake schemas
  • Discussion of relationship cardinality

Data Visualization with Reports

  • Best practices and guidelines for report design
  • Introduction and layout of the Report View
  • Adding various visualizations to reports
  • Visualization options for fields and formatting
  • Using slicers to filter report visualizations
  • Filtering at various levels in Report View
  • Editing interactions to control cross-filtering
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