Excel 1: Core Data Analysis for Mining


This hands-on course is an intensive program that will transform geological and mining participants into Excel “Power Users”. The course is focused on the pertinent Excel tools that are required in the mining sector to efficiently analyze and manipulate data and to create compelling geological analyses. Participants will also learn numerous other tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts to increase efficiency. Assignments, handouts and examples will be used throughout the day.


The course covers intermediate and advanced level Excel topics. As such, participants should have a good working knowledge of Excel prior to taking this course.


8 hours

Learning Topics

Data Analysis

  • Use numerous Excel functions to interpret and manipulate data
  • Use Excel’s filters in conjunction with specific arithmetic functions to summarize large volumes of data
  • Learn to use many features of the Advanced Filter, one of the most helpful and least utilized tools in Excel
  • Incorporate widely used financial and arithmetic functions

Lookup Functions

  • Use a variety of intermediate and advanced Lookup functions to efficiently extract specific information
  • Learn multiple uses of the Vlookup and Offset functions, including ways to automate these functions
  • Create nested formulas to expand the flexibility of various functions

Managing Text

  • Use powerful Text functions to manipulate non-numeric variables
  • Convert non-recognizable values into useable numbers with the use of Text functions

Pivot Tables

  • Become proficient with Pivot Tables, one of the most powerful tools in Excel, to quickly analyze large quantities of data
  • Learn to use the most effective and lesser known Pivot Table features

Learn numerous other tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts to increase efficiency

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