Merger Modeling


Create dynamic financial analysis to quickly assess the impact of a merger or acquisition

This hands-on course focuses on the skills required to design and create a powerful model to analyze the impact of a merger or acquisition. Issues related to combining two companies will be reviewed and discussed. The course will be taught from the perspective of finance professionals who need to quickly assess the impact of a merger between publicly traded companies.




1 day

Learning Topics

Review M&A Considerations

  • Discuss the rationale for merger models
  • Review the different approaches that companies use to complete an acquisition and the related tax implications
  • Discuss various other analyses to help assess the attractiveness of a transaction (i.e., Analysis at Various Prices, Contribution Analysis, Breakeven Analysis)

Build a Merger Model

  • Review the various assumptions required to prepare a merger model
  • Identify potential synergies and incorporate them into the model
  • Use various forms of consideration in an acquisition
  • Calculate the impact of mergers and acquisitions on a buyer’s financial statements
  • Calculate pro forma ownership positions based on various forms of consideration
  • Review and incorporate various checks to make sure the model is working properly
  • Incorporate powerful Excel tools to sensitize the outputs
  • Create summary analysis to synthesize and display important information
  • Transform a single merger model into a powerful tool that can quickly analyze the impact of a company making any one of a number of acquisitions

Incorporate Accretion/Dilution Analysis

  • Understand accretion and dilution concepts
  • Review the limitations of accretion / dilution calculations and incorporate post-transaction analyses to enhance the model’s ability to serve as a decision-making tool
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