The Marquee Approach to Training

Mission: The Marquee Group’s training mission is to ensure that everyone preparing financial models has the skills to do so in the most efficient and effective way possible. Professionals trained by Marquee provide their companies with greater financial insight and more accurate decision-making tools.

At Marquee, we firmly believe that an engaging and positive classroom experience led by a knowledgeable instructor is the most effective way to build capable financial teams.

History: Our training programs are highly regarded by our clients. For several years, The Marquee Group has led the annual training programs at numerous investment banks, pension funds, commercial banks and business schools. We have transferred valuable skills to thousands of professionals and students in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia and China.

Participant Experience: All of The Marquee Group’s courses are interactive and delivered through a combination of lectures, group discussions and hands-on computer assignments. We aim to keep class sizes manageable so that we can provide individual attention to each participant.

During a course, participants are provided with printed materials and electronic files. Following a session, participants have continued access to the instructors who are available to answer questions.

Course Topics: Our courses cover the essential elements of financial modeling, valuation, analysis and numerous useful (and sometimes underutilized) Microsoft Excel skills.

Who can benefit: The training programs can benefit a wide range of finance professionals, from anyone who is interested in a new career in financial services to seasoned experts. Since every organization has different requirements, The Marquee Group can customize its courses to meet the specific needs of each client.

Custom Offerings: We also work with our clients to develop new courses. We can provide a one-day session or combine several of the courses listed below to create a more comprehensive training seminar.

General Financial Modeling

Specialized Industry Modeling

Infrastructure Modeling


Advanced Excel

Data Science & Analytics


Capital Markets

Credit Analysis